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I have been reading posts that my father has been making on his newly minted blog. They are great, they give me insights into what my dad’s life has been like and I can see him how he sees himself via the oft-recounted stories now told in the new medium of the web. Several of his posts thus far have been about his exploits with the ladies. From the Turkish bellydancer, Zeckiya, to the time when he “met three birds and we enjoyed each other immensely” reminding his readers on several occasions that it was the 60’s and a different time.
My dad has varied and colorful experiences, most of which I will not share. I met Jena in high school and have more or less been with her for the past 18 years as of yesterday, 11 of which as husband and wife. An earlier version of myself would have felt a bit sad about the contrast of my dad’s crazy life and my own relatively normal one. And I guess this current version of myself does feel a bit sad, but not for me.
I will be able to write my reflectionary weblog posts with Jena as my editor, correcting my spelling errors (believe me she will be busy). I will get to write those posts knowing that I have found and shared all that I have experienced with the person who has known me best, who has grown up with me, and who continues to make me so very happy – through a span of time exceeding that of all of my father’s marriages. So I guess I do still feel a bit sad. My dad won’t ever be able to spend time with the person who has known all versions of himself. Then again, maybe that is why he is telling her of himself via the web.
Photos of young Ben and Jena


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  1. Wow, amazing pictures. Nice flannel. I’ll have to show you my senior photo sometime….

  2. Posted by Ed Strunk on August 19, 2009 at 10:07 am

    I apologize if any of the adventures and misadventures that comprised my life embarrass you…they certainly weren’t meant to! I’m trying to get snapshots of my life put together in a form that can be preserved. Please don’t ever feel sorry for me because it was a “hellova ride”. I wish for my own health and sanity, and for the stability in my children’s lives that some things would have worked out differently. But you play the hand you are dealt! You don’t know Sarah very well yet, but we are soulmates. We can talk to each other for hours, share music and movies (Much like you and Jena do), and both REALLY enjoy the little girls. She has the wonderful ability to play with them, and they love her already. I’m sure that this one will last because we both have humble roots, and just love taking care of each other. You know that I have always envied the relationship that you and Jena have…it is wonderful! I am sure that you have had your share of bumps, but you were able to work them out together. I never had that option until now!

  3. To the contrary dad – I am very proud of you and the life you have led. That is why I have always asked to hear your stories – they are interesting and inform me about you. I think what you and Sarah have is great and I am happy for you.
    Also, I am not a prude by any means and so don’t take any of my comments as judging you at all. To be honest I was sorta checking to see if you still read Alt Text, too. 🙂

  4. Posted by Sarah Strunk on August 19, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    It was a ‘different’ time. I remember it as happy, carefree, and a whole lot of fun. Ed stated it so eloquently – it was a “hellova ride”! It is probably good we didn’t meet each other when we were younger, we may have missed each other on that ride….☺
    The stories are wonderful, and I enjoy them very much. Ed keeps worrying about telling me the same stories over and over, but since I suffer from CRS -all the stories are new and fresh!

  5. Posted by Kristopher Goins on August 19, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    Seattle called, they want their look back…

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