iPhone 3GS disappointing, ordered.

I am pretty disappointed that the new iPhone doesn’t have a new form factor at all. I actually do not like the way the iPhone 3G feels in my hand (too slippery and light) when compared even to the first gen iPhone.
The lack of support from AT&T for tethering (aka the only great feature being added) is nearly as bad. Sure video is great but not when preceded by rumors of HD-quality and video, conferencing features like a second camera on the front of the phone. And really Apple? You’re going to make me get a mobileMe account to use the pretty cool Find my phone feature? I would use this in my house! But there’s a digital compass you say? Wow are we going to get a digital abacus and digital sundial next?*
All that said, I would buy this phone just for the increase in processor and RAM, however slight they are (1.5x and 2x improvements respectively). It would have just been nice to get something more for my annual $200 “phone fee” to Apple.
* Ok that comment was more for snarkiness sake, the ability to add better turn-by-turn directions and improved geocaching is going to make that feature pretty well-received in my household.


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  1. Posted by Starbay on June 9, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    The new iPhone is anything but new. It is more like a slight upgrade. I will not buy a new phone just for those few features. I am hoping that in a couple more years they will have made more significant improvements and maybe then I will consider buying a new one.
    I could go on all day about the way Apple rips you off at every turn but I think we all know by now.
    Although I have reservations about Apple I do still like the iPhone because of the amount of tools it offers.

  2. Posted by Woody on June 22, 2009 at 2:52 am

    The iPhone – inc 3GS – typifies every recent apple product to me:
    – behind the tims spec-wise yet the media still goes crazy for it
    – not particularly stable
    – actually pretty bad at what it’s supposed to do primarily (ie be a phone)
    – looks pretty but is actually not very usable in the real world
    – is overpriced

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