1st Annual: Alt Text’s Best of the Twin Cities

Best Pho: Ngon Vietnamese Bistro (Frogtown, Saint Paul)
Best Gyro: Gardens of Salonica (NE Minneapolis)
Best Tater Tots: Bulldog NE (NE Minneapolis)
Best Cold Press: Dunn Bros
Best Text/Design Conference: minnēbar (it’s tomorrow!)
To be continued next week…


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  1. Is this a user-contributed post? 🙂 Fun!!
    Best pho: Quang (Eat Street)
    Best gyro: Gardens of Salonica
    Best tater tots: Grumpy’s
    Best cold press: One On One (Bike Shop)
    Best text/design conference: MinneBar

  2. Posted by mCod{e} on May 14, 2008 at 11:27 am

    Best burgers – Juicy Lucy’s

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