I(owa) Heart Huckabee*

…and that has nothing to do with the estimated 60% of the GOP caucus voters being Evangelical born-again nutjobs. Wait, yes it does. American has about as good a chance electing someone named Huckabee as Ron Paul has of avoiding comparisons to Ross Perot. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, I have a similar feeling for my (and Iowa’s) preferred candidate, Barack Obama.
My electability concerns regarding Obama have more to do with his race and my negative perception of the people our country than any name he could have, however. Despite the fact that most people I meet seem rather progressive, I don’t think the U.S. is ready to elect either a woman or a black man at this time, for whatever reason. And that sucks. Luckily, the GOP doesn’t have their act together this year so it will likely be close if they are running against Hillary or Barack.
If Democrats want to put the best candidate up in November they will choose Kucinich. If they want an attempt at making history they will nominate Clinton or Obama. If they want to win, they will put the most electable candidate, Edwards at the top of the ticket. Such is the state of our country, unfortunately.
* I don’t. Though, I do admire some of the elements of “his” “Fair” Tax plan despite its fallacies.

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