I am backing off my previous assertion that we draft either Julian Wright or Mike Conley partly because speculation that we may actually have more than the 7th pick in this draft and partly because of the statistical leg work of John Hollinger of ESPN. He looked at past drafts, college stats, pro stats, and what he calls red-flags such as undersized, or perimeter players who don’t make 3’s and put together new rankings. These rankings defy the prevailing logic that says Oden will be the best NBA player from this draft class. Here is my new wishlist for the Wolves – get one or more of these players:
1. Kevin Durant
2. Greg Oden
3. Mike Conley Jr.
4. Thaddeus Young
5. Brandan Wright
6. Al Horford
7. Nick Fazekas
Unfortunately, McHale thinks he is smarter than everyone else. (why don’t these guys just pay statisticians and draft from a board). The 3 players who reportedly most interest the Wolves (Joakim Noah (11th), Spencer Hawes (30th), and Al Thornton (25th)) are all ranked lower on Holinger’s measurements. God, do I hate McHale if he trades away KG and picks any of these clowns.
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