Happiness is a warm bum

If I were to make a parody website this would be it: The washlet site. Only this isn’t a parody and that makes it all the better. I happen to be shopping for a toilet and this dual flush model from TOTO is looking to be the ticket as it will save a lot of water over the course of the years by using less water for when you don’t really need the full flush. But then I came across the upgrade option, a heated seat that uses water to wash you and then dries you afterward. A quick stop at the site, and I was immediately taken, ahem, aback. Checkout what all the actors have to say. I especially like the testimonials read by the “happiness girl” – I mean aside from the introductions, LOL! The funniest joke of it all, however, is that I kinda want one, especially the s400 that “senses your presence”, opening and closing the seat, and flushing for you.

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