Featured Food: Parker’s Farm Peanut Butter

Best Peanut Butter Ever
I have always been skeptical of “all natural” peanut butter because they usually leave out the sweetener. Parker’s Farm All Natural Peanut Butter has replaced the more traditional brands in our house not only because it cuts out the high fructose corn syrup, but also because it is the best peanut butter I have ever had. It is made by a company right here in Coon Rapids, MN. I have heard it is available at CostCo sometimes and WalMart’s as well.
Ingredients: Peanuts, Honey, Salt, Love, Care & Pride.


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  1. Oh man…I eat this stuff by the gallon.
    When they (my wife) replaced my butter with Smart Balance I did nothing. So I was a little concerned when my favorite jar of “Skippy” disappeared and all I could find was “Parkers Farm”. But like you said, it’s delicious.

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