minnēbar 07

With a lot of help from Dan Grigsby I finally have the venue for minnēbar 07 nailed down. The site is downtown Saint Paul in the Lowertown area. The “Railroader Building” as it is called is the site of the event – actually a vacant, 2-level office space that will pretty much let us have our way with it.
I am very excited, for this year’s event (its on the 21st of April) and is the all-day variety of the (now) year long series of (un)events. For those of you who were not there last May, minnēbar is Minnesota’s very own Barcamp and is free to anyone who is interested in participating in discussions about the web, technology, design, etc.
Add your name to the wiki to participate (you get food, drink, and a shirt too!).

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