No medals for 77th?

I don’t really like Bill Maher. I think he is smug, pompous, mean-spirited and generally unfunny. It may seem odd then, to have two posts quoting him in such short order, but occasionally he cuts right to the bone of an issue. Here is one such case:

The U.S. is also ranked as follows:
29th in life expectancy
48th in infant mortality
77th in overall health*
53rd in freedom of the press
55th in literacy
27th in population below the poverty line
12th in people lacking functional literacy skills (20% of all adults)
Of industrialized nations nearly all have universal health care and none doubt evolution
We are no longer inventing as we once were, and now we will be losing out on the breakthroughs of stem cell research because some people think it is is like cloning or abortion. (see our ranking in literacy)
We owe China 1 trillion dollars and we are even in debt to Mexico.
Great nations do not torture people and hold them without trial.
We are #1 in something however, cocaine consumption.
While I am on the topic of blind patriotism, I have to take a moment to admonish GM for their “This is our country” ads. They wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t try to use the the 9/11 and Katrina tragedies as means to sell trucks. Note: the 3rd most “American made” car is the Toyota Camry.
* “According to the World Health Organization the United States ranks 77th in the world in terms of the impact of our spending on the health of our people. Why is the American health care system is so inefficient? How is it that we succeed in spending more than twice the money other industrialized countries spend on health care per capita and yet rank below them on overall health care statistics?” [Connecticut Green Party]

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