The true compassionate conservative?

The great presidential speeches tag cloud allowed me to quickly scan the speeches of all the presidents for keywords and gives a good idea of the theme of each speech. It is a wonderful resource.
My first conclusion from looking them over is that the first Bush, was the true compassionate conservative of the family. Compare George W’s last State of the Union Address in which Terrorist, confront, strengthen, and offensive are some of the most frequently used words (he does use the word compassion as well) to his dad’s Inaugural Address in which love, bless, loyal, prosperity and prosperous are used frequently (not sure what to make of the large number of uses of the word blowing).
Another interesting thing to note how both Bush’s used the word bipartisan frequently early on in their terms but then its use dwindled to nearly nothing (until W’s last speech where it makes a comeback)
I encourage you to play around with this thing. It is super interesting and you can even learn about the major themes all the presidents needed to address throughout history.

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