All Hallows’ Eve Bonfire Bash 2: The Wrap-up

Appetite for Destruction
It happened again. Just like last time a thirsty hoard of ghouls, goblins, and (scarier) celebrity impersonators descended upon our house in suburban Minnesota to feast and drink on … well food and beer, mostly.
It was a great time, this past Friday night, with a bonfire and fire “juggling” and even bobbing for apples of all things. I am a bit disappointed that we only had 1 person crash at our place, though. That represents a 300% decrease over last year.
But mine was not the only house to be haunted that night. Take a look at some great photos on flickr tagged with “Halloween Party” I like the shots from the Industrial Light and Magic party (and while some of these are great costumes why did I still expect more). Some favorites: A giant digital camera that actually worked, Katamari Damacy, Borat, and the whole Monty Python crew of knights (complete with giant Trojan rabbit).
Marie Antoinette was looking good too. Just look at that detail in the wig!

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