Bobby Bare Jr. live from the South Dakota State Pen?

Bobby Bare Jr. Last night’s Bobby Bare Jr. show at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis got off to a late start. From the sound of things it sounds like we were lucky the show went on at all.
For a show with 8pm doors, we sure got home late (quarter past 2am). It turns out that was because the headliner, Bobby Bare Jr. and his band (the Young Criminals’ Starvation League) were pulled over and detained somewhere in South Dakota (I never like that place :). 3 members of the 5 person ensemble made it to the Minneapolis venue just as the 2nd band (Radio On) was finishing up. Their was even an emergency performance by Michael Morris with a group of people with whom he had never played (including the guitarist from The Pines) to fill the time. Both of these first acts were good. Michael Morris was an unexpected surprise and I was really impressed. I enjoyed Radio On’s set but at times front man Dan’s antics got a little out of pocket – think a more flamboyant Iggy Pop (is that possible).
Back to Bobby Bare Jr…so he and his band are somewhere along the side of the road in SoDak. All their gear is strewn about the shoulder and police are searching their vehicle. Sure enough, some pot and some cash turn up and two of the members are booked and taken to the jailhouse. Bobby and his bassist and drummer then cruise eastward to Minneapolis just in time to knock out a nice little show. I, for one, didn’t mind the lack of the full band. When Bobby Bare Jr. rocks he rocks hard and the 400 Bar is small enough to make that a little unpleasant (I guess I am old). While they did have some rocking numbers, including a couple where the bassist played lead guitar…on his bass, there was a large part of the set where it was just Bobby up on stage with his acoustic guitar. That was sweet. He played some new stuff and some old stuff. There were a couple of covers that were highlights, including Pixies tunes: Where is My Mind and Wave of Mutilation, and Come on Feel the Noise (Quiet Riot?). Know any good lawyers in the middle of South Dakota? I think I know of a couple opportunities for client work.

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