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Let me start by saying that I was impressed with the way the LOST season 3 premier started out and, for the most part, how it went from there. I have yet to check out any LOST sites or speculate much with friends so despite my new theory on “the others” being pretty basic and even obvious from the show, it is still mine, so far. If you have time-shifted your LOST watching and haven’t seen the new episode yet you probably shouldn’t read any further. For speculation and spoilers, continue reading.

So, once upon a time, Dharma sent some people to an island to investigate some natural phenomenon, or some phenomenon of their creation. In addition to the people observing and interacting with the island in small ways, they were also observed and monitored. These people were on the island for quite some time and as such had relations and children were born. Things went along for some time, but then something happened and all the adults died leaving the children, most of whom were too young to know what was going on with Dharma, to investigate the island and learn about themselves. They formed a community, sorted out the hierarchy and continued on like this, seeking to know more about themselves, their surroundings and the outside world.
This theory fits with my idea that the others actually are NOT bad*. They are simply kids who have grown up without guidance. This could explain whey they see the world in terms of Good and Bad people and call themselves the “good guys”. It could also explain why they want to take the children they find as it may be easier to relate to them.
Somewhere along the line these people must come into contact with an outsider however, either directly of via some for of messaging (Internet, phone). This allows them to gather information about the crash, its victims and more. I am not yet sure how this all fits in, or if it does at all. I feel that eventually “the others” and the crash survivors will join up to investigate and “conquer” the island and its mysteries. Perhaps leading them toward some greater battle with the more sinister Hanso Foundation.
*Now that we know the leader of “the Others” to be named Ben this is certainly true. No one in the history of television or cinema named Ben has ever been bad. Ben is a name for good people.


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  1. I feel that your explanation is among the best out there for ‘Lost’. The show is basically one long, winding road where each answer leads to ten more questions but the premiere last night added so much more mystery that it will keep viewers hooked for the entire year.
    I don’t see the others joining up with the losties though. People such as Tom (Zeke) seem to be old school Dharma folks (he mentioned the bears to Sawyer). The Dharma project seems to be an initially sketchy idea that turned sour and now this rogue band of scientists (?) are running things their way and it has turned to a social experiment that has no definite parameters.

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