Does the public need a tipping point on the GOP?

The Republicans are falling all over themselves trying to figure out how to deal with their latest scandal.

But reading the front-page headlines and watching the breathless TV coverage five weeks before the election, one could glibly assume that the fallout from the Foley frenzy will be the tipping point that will produce a Democratic sweep in the House. Especially seeing the Republicans in full meltdown, vacillating between fetal-position defeatism and a desperate effort to find a scapegoat.

Really? This is the tipping point? What about all the things the American people now know about Bush and the the Republican congress that allowed all of this? What about…
…the National Intelligence Estimate tells us that the invasion of Iraq has created a greater worldwide terrorist threat, making us less safe.
…and Bob Woodward’s 60 Minutes interview and new book, State of Denial that each outline a “ruinous mix of arrogance and naiveté” within the Bush administration – the direct cause of the Iraq mess.
…and those are just in the last week! If you go over the last six years there are so many more, but is America listening?

…but the key question here is, how much bad news can the Republicans take? Sooner rather than later the weight of the evidence should tilt the scale against Republican control of Congress. For given the way things are going for Hastert and the White House, it can’t take much of a tipping point for the Democrats to get those 15 needed seats.

Here is one strategy they could use: label Foley as a Democrat as Fox “News” did during the O’Reilly Factor.
How long will the American people allow this type of crap from their “leaders”? From their press? Clinton made a strong showing but the Republicans have corruption and deviant behavior down to an art form.

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