Maintenance note.

Nobody has taken me up on the offer of an “Alt Text Prize Pack”* and helped me to fix the dis-play of the accordion menu on the home page among others. I mentioned it in this post. Basically, the post explorer menu, is using part of the javascript library and should work just fine – I just can’t figure it out why it isn’t. Anyone see anything glaring in my CSS or the source of the page (that last link is Firefox only; IE users should just view source via normal methods) that I should fix?
Also I hope you have noticed less spelling errors lately as I have taken to using the built-in spellcheck that comes with the Google toolbar.
* Contents of the prize pack have not yet been determined but there will at least be an Alt Text t-shirt and a few other things.


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  1. Posted by Melissa on September 30, 2006 at 5:26 pm

    Perhaps, but how do you plan to reconcile your difficulty with grammar? 🙂
    “Also I hope you have noticed less spelling errors lately…”
    (less should be fewer)

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