KG says he’s “got to” leave if the team doesn’t improve

In a recent article in SLAM Magazine, Kevin Garnett, is his usual affable, interesting, and honest self. He talks for the first time in a long while, about the possibility of leaving the Minnesota Timberwolves. Something I posted about somewhere else earlier this summer, but still would lament to high-heaven.

If youíre not working towards a championship, then why are we in this? Iím in it to win, man, Iím not in it to be coming back talking about next year. Iím 30. Iíve probably got 4 to 5 years, you know what Iím saying? My clock is ticking, man. Iím almost like a woman whoís trying to get pregnant. My years are limited, so my clock is definitely ticking.

He also spoke longingly of playing with Stephon Marbury – not the Marbury of today that seems to be a cancer but the one when he was a rookie and paired with KG and full of promise. Ahh, what might have been…

I donít speak on it a lot, but Steph made the decision for his career, and Iíve gotta honor that. Thatís a man making a decision on that. Thatís what itís been. If there was one thing I wish I could have, I would want to see him push the ball, Steph and I going for it this long, seeing where we end up at. Because I know weíd have won at least a couple of rings, I know that, I know that.

Resident (to Minnesota) “sport writer”, Jim Souhan, doing his best to fill the void left by Dan Barreiro, lends his always pessimistic voice to the fray in an article with few notable passages, save this one attempting to counter KG’s claim that he is a model of consistency:

A more realistic assessment would have been something like this: My organization’s an embarrassment, but I have to take some responsibility, too. I never developed into a fourth-quarter scoring threat. I can lead my team in terms of effort and work ethic and versatility, but my team can’t throw me the ball in the clutch and know I’m going to make the big shot. When the Wolves signed me for about a billion dollars, they thought they were getting a Jordan. What they wound up with was a Pippen, and Pippen never won a championship when he wasn’t riding on Jordan’s cape.

This misses the point entirely. KG is the model of consistency. It has been written, ad naseum, that KG is by far, the most efficient player in the league, the most important player to his team. No one should even be debating the consistency of a player who averages 20 points 10 rebounds and nearly 5 assists for the entirely of his 11 season NBA career.


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  1. I was furious when I read Souhan’s column on KG. Twin Cities sportscasters are the WORST! They carp and whine and never have anything positive to say about anyone.

  2. Posted by Eric on September 12, 2006 at 10:07 am

    i agree with mark i think that souhan’s column on KG was outrageous. all he had to say was negative stuff!

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