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Tonight was the 2nd meeting of what some* are terming the Twin Cities Social Capital Collective (SCC) and I want to give props to Jake Saba for getting this ball rolling. Between minnebar, SCC, and minnedemo, in September my little web and business communities in Minneapolis and Saint Paul are alive and brimming with excitement.
*Ok I was brainstorming ideas, and this was one of the ideas that came out of my brain but it was one of many 🙂
I have a feeling many good things are going to be coming out of these events and opportunities and am glad to see them growing. If you are interested in any of these events let me know in the comments and I will post more and/or write privately.
A couple housekeeping notes to clear up: 1) I temporarily launched a new version of Alt Text but then rolled it back when there was some bad mojo with IE. Stupid IE! 2) Some colleagues and I have put up – a site devoted to the discussion and encouragement of the Agile method. That’s a good little Agile method. Yes you are! I hope to start actively promoting the site soon, as soon, that is, as we fux some broke ass shit that’s still there.
3) We have our fence up now at the house and are looking to get a 2nd dog any day now. Just trying to find the right pup on My preference would be a dog that is mid-to-large sized, scruffy and doesn’t shed much.
Signing Statement: As producer of this weblog, I reserve the right to make shit up, ignore your requests for features and reports of bugs, treat you like children, make an ass of myself, and basically do any damn thing I please. I also reserve the right to drink while posting up in this bitch.


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  1. I am interested in hearing about these events. Please drop me a line with more information.

  2. Might want to describe what the “agile” method is. I don’t see it on the site anywhere.
    I keep thinking the sites name is refractor. Don’t ask why.

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