New edition of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy to be released?

Word has it that Newline is planning an August 29th release for yet another edition of the Lord of the Rings films. This new set is to have more than 300 minutes of never before seen documentary footage as well as both versions of the film (theatrical and extended) all on only 2 discs per film. Some are saying that this will be possible due to what is being called “branching” – where you can decide which version to watch at certain points in the film. These people have disparaged this technique, and I would agree, if I did not think that they are misunderstanding it.
If I were to buy these DVD, they would have to allow the viewing of the theatrical edition, or the extended edition, without any prompts or cues to switch to see the other version. I would bet they can do this too – there could be a menu at the beginning as to what version you would want and it would just play through. Maybe there would be an optional “comparative” mashup of the two versions as well.
Even though I am a huge fan of the films I never bought any of the DVD’s thinking something bigger and better might be coming. I am not sure if this is it, but it will sure give me more options.

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