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At the minnēbar conference in May I presented a session titled Agile Design (slides) and a great discussion ensued. The talk centered around the concepts and ideas of the Agile Method, but, you guessed it, as it related to information and visual design. I have had a great opportunity in my current role to help to define and evolve our process and practices surrounding software design and development. I love the team I work with and hope to continue breaking new ground with them.
I also wanted to post a bit about some ongoing and upcoming projects I am involved in so you know what I have been up to and what to expect.
First, I am planning to launch a new site with some peers of mine that will be focused on the agile method and particularly how it pertains to the development of “web 2.0” apps. You might think of it as a Signal vs. Noise type blog with less of a marketing spin.
I am also helping to plan OpenBar for the fall of 2006. OpenBar will pick up where minnēbar left off but its entire focus will be on open source software, using open source in your business, and is aimed at developing, enriching, and bringing together Minnesota’s large but disjointed open source community.
I also have a Minnesota blog aggregation site brewing slowly, but my decision to write in Ruby and on the Rails framework (as my first foray into such technologies) is retarding my progress. Hopefully, I will post more on this soon.
Lastly, this site is on the verge of another facelift. I really like the new visual design a lot, but am more excited by some of the ways the new site will be organized as well as some of the additional features and content I will be adding. Not sure when this will happen, but I am hoping for a June launch.


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  1. Posted by minnebar fan on June 8, 2006 at 6:18 pm

    Can’t wait! Sounds sweet!

  2. Good posting. I’m sorry I missed the conference you guys put on. I’m very interested see the new site and what you are putting together with Rails. I bought the “Getting Real” book from 37 Signals and am totally sold on their ideas. This most certainly is the future of software develpoment. One of the things I liked in the book was the idea of being passionate. You can tell that they are passionate about their software, and we need more that in our industry. I’ve been doing Java now for almost 10 years and am in need of change and I think I’m not alone. After reading “Agile Development With Rails” I’ll be doing all my future development for my own company using Rails. It’s just so slick. They really have thought about how to make a web application framework and how to do it right.

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