That new sucking sound? Yeah that’s Bush.

I am doing a bit of housekeeping around here so you may notice some posts that may be a little dated but which I still feel are valuable and so I am publishing them as I forage through nearly 100 draft posts over the past few months. This is one such post…

Mr. Bush proposed an array of savings in domestic programs, including big reductions or cuts in 141 programs. Critics asserted those reductions would do little to ease the deficit even as they imposed real hardship on some people, constituting pain for little gain. Gene B. Sperling, a former economic adviser to President Bill Clinton, compared it to a man who leases three fully loaded Hummers, finds it stretches his family’s budget to the breaking point, and decides his family has to start buying cheaper peanut butter.
“They’re trying to create a framework where it seems the government can’t do anything dramatic on child poverty or helping people between jobs because there’s too much discretionary spending,” Mr. Sperling said. “And their own numbers show that’s flat out wrong.”

This idea has been discussed before, bleeding the bleeding heart, and it basically stated, is that you starve the social programs that liberals care about so that they have to put forth their own private efforts and resources to work in place of public funds and resources.
SOURCES: NY Times article, Washington Post article

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