Weekend recap: Southshore of Superior

Stump and pine cone I returned yesterday from a long weekend along Lake Superior’s south shore at Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island (one of the Apostle Islands) in Wisconsin. There were six of us plus four dogs so there was lots to keep us busy. We had fun, made some (camp) gourmet meals and got a bit too rowdy on Saturday night – I paid for that all day Sunday. Here are some photos of the trip.


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  1. Ok, you sold me, I’m buying the camera you have. Those are really nice photos.

  2. Yeah, no doubt, these are very nice. I seem to remember you having a D70, is that right?

  3. I have the D50, which os virtually identical to the D70s except for some minor things. I actually like that the D50 uses SD cards rather than CompactFlash – which is one of the more notable differences.

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