Prefab housing still intriguing to homebuilders

Prefab homes are still garnering a lot of interest, especially amongst designers and like-minded folks. In fact, a designer friend of mine, Pete is building a home using Hive Modular (not to be confused with Hive Designs). The Flat Pak House is another firm I have covered here before but alas I cannot link to them because their site sucks and tries to control my browser and make it display full screen. Perhaps that is why “flat pak” is currently the largest search term leading people to Alt Text and why the Alt Text page is Google’s first result as well. And there are several more variations that bring in a lot of traffic to my site (flat+pack+house+minneapolis and flat+pak+house). Not surprisingly, I think that the chronicling of my home building experience [posts and photo gallery] is giving me more credibility to Google and other search engines.


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  1. Thank you for confirming the crappiness of the FlatPak web site. There’s apparently an unwritten rule in the architecture world that the better an architect you are, the more craptastic flash you need to use on your web site.
    Speaking of prefab, another local one to look out for is the weehouse:
    (alas, there site is kind of crappy too)

  2. Did you go to the prefab show at the Walker while it was here? Or see the guys speak? You should have.
    We set up a site for the show if you’re interested:

  3. We did see the Walker exhibit…though I thought it was a bit of a letdown (sizewise).
    We actually met with the Weehouse crew today to talk about some home renovations. A nice bunch of guys.

  4. I thought the Walker exhibit was a tad underwhelming too, but at least it was something. Seeing the LV style construction video was my highlight. I would love to build one of these on a lake somewhere.
    I heard about Pete’s new place but hadn’t seen any pictures. It looks pretty impresive from the outside. Does anyone know if the inside is as modern-looking as the outside?

  5. Yeah Pete’s place is going to be quite modern, he is way into that. No carpet. No color 🙂

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