Girl on Girl Action

Serial No. 3817131 is a photo essay by a female member of the Israeli Defense Forces about female members. While I have known for a long time that Israel makes use of conscription, or mandatory participation in the military, and that females were not exempt from such service, these photos still took me aback. When I look at them I feel as though they are depictions of models or some strange reality tv show, anything but real soldiers, trained to fight and kill. Despite these feelings, however, the fact is that they are not fakes. They really are soldiers.
I think that if there is a draft again in the U.S. it should be comprised of everyone across a certain age range and should include women. Then, I think we will finally stop and consider the merit of any actions that deploy those kids and put them in harms way. I think photos like these would go a long way towards ending war.
Also, sorry about the title for this post, I sort of dared myself to do that.

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