Google Calendar launches, is Google Office next?

I have put the new Google Calendar app through its paces and like many people, have found many things to like (invite features are looking good. I think evite is in trouble and Skobee is likely DOA) and some to dislike (still very buggy with refreshing itself after certain actions and there are some issues with duplicating entries for the same shared event). The purpose of this post, however, isn’t really about those things. It isn’t really even about Google Calendar. It is about what’s next for Google and the glimpse they have given us within this new application.
It is obvious that they will soon integrate their calendar and mail apps. My thought is, though, that they will not stop there. I think the time is ripe for them to unleash their first version of an integrate office style suite containing search, mail, calendaring, and word processing. I mocked up some screens as to what I think it may look like when it comes, posted them as a Flickr set and added notes to them as well. Here are some thumbnails:

  • Google Search as part of the Google Office Suite
  • Google Mail as part of the Google Office Suite
  • Google Writer as part of the Google Office Suite

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  1. I don’t think evite is in trouble. One thing you’re overlooking is inertia. Evite works fine for most people so what is the motivation to switch, except for the Google Humpers (and there are a few)? Same thing is happening with Google Finance. Who wants to switch from Yahoo just because there are some fancy graphs? Google is scratching their heads wondering why Mapquest is still kicking Google Maps’ ass even though they haven’t adopted Ajax.
    I think your comments are a bit busted. Posting twice.

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