A couple more tweaks

I have made some significant progress on some changes that have been long overdue for this site. First, as previously mentioned I have had a hard time with the “one-post” home screen design I implemented a while back and I realized that it, along with the fact that I did not have a good way of posting simple links to things, was really deterring me from posting. I felt I didn’t want to knock a “good post” “off the front page” for simply a bunch of links, but then when I finally got around to posting the links they were past due and no longer as relevant or fresh as they could have been.
The changes I have put in place are probably not going to be as exciting to you as they are to me but they do allow me to post to any of 3 separate weblogs (alt text main, media consumption, and links) each with their own fields and stylings and have a post to any of these rebuild the indexes for all 3. This is going to improve a lot of the key-wording for entries and pave the way for another feature coming later this month to Alt Text concerning tagging. I can’t be more specific right now…seriously I really can’t.
The last two features I really want to add to improve my posting life immensely are: 1) setting up a scheduled posting service to run on the server and 2) and adding a new spell-checking plugin, MTSpeling (which I have done) that also requires a module be installed on our server to allow access to Ispell (which I need).

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