A hard fought struggle

I am having a bit of a tough time with this site lately. Its not just the lack of posts – which is correlated. Due to the format of the site (one-post showing at a time – unless you use the alternate version) I tend to leave posts up for a longer period of time so “all my visitors” get a chance to see it; not knowing if they will scroll down or navigate back to past posts. Additionally, I would like to post links to stories with little or brief commentary on them individually (that is not as a post of a larger “link post”. This too, I am finding difficult with this design.
These reasons alone should be enough to convince me to rethink how the site is designed but I still “like” the aesthetics and some other aspects of this 1-post front page. I must figure something out soon, however. Each day that goes buy is a day (potentially) with more mis-categorized content (conglomerate link posts) and I am already dealing with more than 450 of those posts categorized as general because they are prior to when the categories were implemented. I hope to work through about 10 of those a day getting ready for another improvement to Alt Text regarding keywords and categorization that I hope to unveil at the start of ’06.


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  1. The biggest issue with the site is that I didn’t know the RSS feed changed so I had no idea you’ve updated for the last several months now. It wasn’t until Netter mentioned something she saw on your site that I said “he still updates that thing?” only to realize the RSS feed had changed. :/

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