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It is disgraceful that a country that claims to be an example for other nations that are organizing and running their own budding democracies has put one person to death in the past year, much less 59! The United States is in the company of countries such as China, Iran, Vietnam, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Somalia, Tajikistan, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, and Afghanistan as countries, who in 2005 still believe it is an acceptable practice to kill its own citizens.
Even if you don’t consider all the cases where innocent people have been killed or freed from death row putting people to death promotes a culture of death – a discounting of human life. The milestone our country has just passed, killing our 1000th convicted criminal since 1977, demonstrates that our government – the leaders of our nation, do not care about life. This example, allows for and gives implicit approval of such a mindset – that there are times to kill. One day I think we will look back at these times the way we look back on other times past in our history, with disbelief and amazement. I hope that’s how it will be anyway, before too many more people die.
Countries who put someone to death in 2005 (# of executions)

  • China (3,400+)
  • Iran (159+)
  • Vietnam (64+)
  • USA (59)
  • North Korea (40+)
  • Saudi Arabia (33+)
  • Pakistan (15+)
  • Kuwait (9+)
  • Bangladesh (7+)
  • Egypt (6+)
  • Singapore (6+)
  • Yemen (6+)
  • Belarus (5+)
  • Somalia (4)
  • Tajikistan (4)
  • Taiwan (3)
  • Lebanon (3)
  • Indonesia (3)
  • Sudan (2)
  • Syria (2)
  • Japan (2)
  • Jordan (1)
  • India (1)
  • Afghanistan (1)

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