3rd Annual Anti-Columbus Day

First Ave’s 7th Street Entry is hosting the Third Annual Anti-Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day concert tonight. Only $5 at the door. It’s a show of all Native American hip-hop artists, headlined by Los Nativos.
The Minneapolis hip-hop scene could be ready to take off in a big way with the new Atmosphere album hitting the stores (big stores like Target and Best Buy) on the Ryhmesayers label. It is a great album that some are calling emo-hip-hop or alt-hip-hop. I think it sounds bigger in many ways than past Atmosphere records and love the lyrics. Slug (lead vocals) takes shots at big drug companies, people with hockey hair, LL Kool J, and himself on a great “break-through” album. Somehow the new album album, You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having sounds both old and new at the same time – taking the best of past artists and forging it into something fresh. Listen to it!

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