Alt Text by the numbers

Alt Text just had a birthday and I didn’t do anything for it. I am a real bad daddy. I thought the least I could do then, is to devote a post to Alt Text, as sort of a belated birthday gift. Here are some figures that represent important milestones and/or bogus stats regarding the site I have called my home on the web for quite some time now:
1: Number of steps to Jason “I knew him when 0sil8 was alive” Kottke (very similar to the Kevin Bacon game) I used to work with him in Minneapolis.
2: Times Alt Text or ancestor site has been written up in print.
3: Separate “blogs” that make up Alt Text (Main posts, lists, and media consumption).
3: Also the number of jobs I have had during Alt Text’s tenure.
4: Servers on which the site has been hosted. Oddly Alt Text has never been hosted on a “commercial server” and has always been a part of hosting co-ops where friends banded together to provide for one another.
7: Years Alt Text has been around (Domain was registered October 1st, 1998); Previous incarnations and ghost sites that are now “rolled into” Alt Text:,, and (all previously snatched up when they expired – now I have back!). For you forward thinking domain snatchers out there expires on September 30th, 2012 – mark your calendars.
10: Prior versions of this site (the first couple incarnations were from the aforementioned sites that were “folded into” this site).
77: Current number of draft posts stored up
496: Posts categorized as “general” to which I still need to apply categories.
1,152: Total number of posts
2,553: Unique visitors in January of 2001
40,915: Unique visitors in September of 2005 (though I suspect the greatly increased spider and bot traffic to be a main contributor to that figure).

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