A Concert on (Arcade) Fire!

Last Thursday night I went to the Arcade Fire concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis and was rewarded with an excellent show. The opening acts Bell Orchestre and Wolf Parade were very good and am looking forward to listening to each more. But on to the main attraction…
When Arcade Fire took stage they did so with a couple members from Bell Orchestre so there were at times 10 to 12 people up there most of them playing instruments (often switching instruments) or otherwise banging on things with sticks (literally). The sound they produced easily filled the club without sounding overly loud as some shows can. Most AF songs are both boisterous and exuberant at times and then fade to quite melodies and lyrics. Combine this style of song with the great instrumentation and overflowing energy of the band’s members (and cohorts) and it makes for a show that is uncontainable on stage and it spills out and infects everyone within earshot with giddy feelings and body movements. I could not find one person who wasn’t jamming along with the songs – all the songs. From beginning to end there was not a lull and when it was over most, I believe walked a way with a sense that they had not only seen a great show but greatness growing up before their eyes. The Arcade Fire is for real and I expect nothing less that one I got that night from any of their live performances.
Just about the only bad thing to come from the show is the sense I get now, when listening to their mp3’s and cd’s is a sense that the sound is too contained and too small. When compared to the big sound from last Thursday night, that is certainly true.
More show info:
The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s take on the show.
Here are some great photos of the show.
Upcoming tour dates (most sold out) Try to get tickets if you can!

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