FEMA to U.S. Taxpayers: “Fuck You”

Unbelievably Michael “Brownie” Brown has been hired as a consultant to advise FEMA on how it bungled the agencies national response to Hurricane Katrina. In the ultimate “Fuck You” to all of us who pay taxes for such salaries, we apparently think it’s ok to pay the head fuckup to tell us how he fucked up – oh and here is a boatload of money for screwing us twice. (You’d think we would at least get a discount)
Oh, but wait. Brownie points the finger at everyone else, saves little blame for himself or FEMA.


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  1. As Pelosi coined … Just another example of “The Culture of Corruption”.
    * Senate Leader being investigated
    * House Leader indicted
    * Chief Procurement Officer resigns one day before he is arrested
    * And Abramoff… well … that one is self explanatory …

  2. Are you at all surprised? This has become standard operating procedure in the US. There’s no outrage, no disent, no punishment or recourse for “fucking up”. Just keep pushing forward to the next one that will make everyone forget the last…

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