Some explaining to do

Due to infrequent posts as of late I wanted to mention some of the things that have been keeping me away from the web lately. Living in Minnesota means taking advantage of god weather when you can get it and the end of the summer signals to me that it has been time to do something I have been holding off on doing. First came the landscaping, yard work and planting. Jena and I have built a stone fire pit and patio this summer, planted 40 or so plants here and there around the house, and had contractors come in to pour a new patio and re-grade a couple areas (prompting more rock moving and grass planting etc.). I still have some more projects too (ugh!): complete the wiring of some columns in the front of the house, attach rock/faux rock to said columns, and clean up from the previous projects.
In addition to yard work we have found time to take a couple trips. We just returned from 4 days in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, which was great and over Labor Day Weekend we drove across South Dakota to the Black Hills and the Badlands for some camping and sight seeing.
Add to these things a major product release at work and a couple kickball leagues (yeah I said kickball) and there is precious little time to surf and post. Rest assured, however that as the weather here in Minnesota gets worse the posting frequency will increase as I am quite excited about the web and Alt Text lately.

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