A deep-seeded appetite for destruction

Perhaps President Bush was teased when he was young about his surname and so is inflicted with an unnatural hatred for all things green and leafy. Whatever the case, it is certain that the disregard Bush shows national parks and forests, not to mention, clean air and water takes a seat far behind corporate and industry interests.
Unfortunately, this disregard has been rampant in politics for many years, with the Clinton years, in some respects being just as bad as the current and previous Bush’s. The misdeeds and blatant flaunting of corporate power and influence are outlined in bleak fashion, page after page, in the book Been Brown so Long, It Looked Like Green to Me: The Politics of Nature by Jeffrey St. Clair. Been Brown So Long… is hard to read for a number of reasons – none of which relates to the writing. Its just that it is hard to keep a train of thought going when every couple of minutes you have to stare at the pages in disbelief and its especially hard to turn pages with clenched fists.
Why does our government bow down to industry and commerce so frequently? Is it really all about money? Can people really be that shallow? News flash: Our economy would function just as well without all the corporate welfare – tax breaks, kickbacks and special privileges – businesses will figure it out. And if capitalism needs those crutches to thrive then it really isn’t that great efficient system it is purported to be. Let it evolve, economies aren’t explained by intelligent design.

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