Navigation enhancements and alt-index

Per yesterday’s admission that there are some flaws with the new Alt Text design, I have made some tweaks to the interface — some of which were planned for some time — and some that are new.
First the new: I have added an alternate index link just below the tabbed navigation at the top of the page to accommodate some folks who would prefer the old style of full-text postings displayed chronologically all on a single page. In addition to this I have added a previous ad next post link on all individual post archive pages — something that was planed but to lazy to add.
Unrelated: I also brought back the link preferences setting where you can determine if external links open in the same window or a new window as well as the rudimentary rss feed that still needs to be cleaned it up (a lot).
I am hoping these changes satisfy some folks for a time — unfortunately they won’t satisfy me as most of the same issues I posted about yesterday still apply.

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