Plame Blame Gate

While I must admit that I am rather enjoying the imminent downfall of Karl “Palpatine” Rove*, the squirming of the White House, and the sudden toughness of the White House Press Corps, I actually found myself feeling bad for Scott McClellan during Monday’s questioning of the “Plame Blame Gate” scandal.
I quickly get over that feeling, however, when I remembered that it was McClellan’s choice to assume the mouthpiece duties for one of the dirtiest, most secretive presidential administration’s in U.S. history.
* This is a reference from the television show American Dad (and actually the episode that won me over, Deacon Stan, Jesus Man which depicted Rove as a shadowy figure clad in a red robe and cowl, a visual allusion to the villainous Star Wars character Emperor Palpatine. Whenever his name is said a wolf howls (In much the same way that horses whinny when in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, Frau Blücher’s name is said). When he tried to enter a church, he began to emit smoke; when he later departed the scene, he transformed into a swarm of bats. [Source: Wikipedia: Karl Rove]
Meme Watch: Plame Gate

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