Redbox inside the yellow and red box

There’s a new self-serve DVD rental in town. Redbox actually has 145 locations in Minnesota alone! (mostly inside McDonald’s restaurants) I will have to find one and check it out. I am thinking that it has a person who maintains it and stocks it weekly with the top 30 (or so) new releases. I think it would be way sweeter if they could write the DVD’s on demand for people from a catalog of thousands of titles. The only drawback is how to handle returns – which you would need – if you were to satisfy current copyright laws. Then again, this could be the iTunes for DVD’s as they could charge something like $9.99 per title. McDonald’s is pretty smart to partner on this, as any rentals at their locations will require two visits. Why not grab an Egg McMuffinTM and a Coke® when you stop back in?


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  1. Wow, I’m amazed to see this in real life. My older brother had a very similar idea (including your suggestions), but my dad of course knocked it down.
    Who knows, I could’ve been doing this instead.

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