The Food of the Twin Cities

This post is the first draft of a list I am creating for family and friends to use so they may sample some of the better dining options Minneapolis and Saint Paul have to offer. This is by no means exhaustive and will be added to and modified as my restaurant experiences grow.
The Restaurants (in no particular order):
Matt’s Bar
Chatterbox Cafe
Oceanaire Seafood Room
Manny’s Steakhouse
Puerta Azul
Café Brenda
Bobino Wine Bar
128 Café
Modern Café
Jax Café
Café Havana
Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter
Shuang Cheng Restaurant
Al’s Breakfast
Highland Grill
W. A. Frost & Company
Nicollet Island Inn Restaurant
Grand Ol’ Creamery
Red’s Savoy Inn and Pizza
Broadway Pizza (River Road in Minneapolis)
Have Potential? (I just need to go again)
The Sample Room
Mayslack’s Music Lounge
Al Vento
Vintage Restaurant & Wine Bar
El Meson
Birchwood Cafe
Big E’s Soul Food
Pizza Luce
Ecopolitan Restaurant
Afton House Inn (Afton)
La Belle Vie (Stillwater)
Dock Cafe (Stillwater)
(Phil’s) Tara’s Hideaway (Stillwater)
Conspicuously off these lists is great Mexican, Thai, and Indian fare as well sushi – its not that there are none because there actually are some great ones but I have yet to find a place that both serves great food and offers something in the way of ambiance – any ambiance. Feel free to suggest others. More to come…


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  1. There is only ONE restaurant you need on this list . . .
    The Bayport Cookery in Bayport just south of Stillwater . . .
    Just one . . .

  2. If you have the chance, check out Panne Vino Dolce on 50th and Aldritch in Minneapolis.

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