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I have been pretty busy lately and now I can finally post about some of the work I have been doing. I have co-authored 3 white papers centering around Extreme Programming and web services. Here they are for your review. As you will see I had some well respected help. And I guess some help that is not as well respected.
Metamorphic, Extensible, Autonomous Communication for Web Services
Extreme Programming Considered Harmful
A Theoretical Unification of Extreme Programming and the Transistor
UPDATE: In case you haven’t guessed by now these are fake, they are generated by a little application that turned out at least one that has been accepted to a written publication. Ha.

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  1. I read your white papers and found a lot of words I didn’t understand.
    As a result, I intend to introduce legilation to Congress on Monday to declare the “white paper” as racially discriminitory.
    Do you have time to write speaches for me?
    I have been working on pronouncing “hierarchical” for a couple hours now, and I’m ready. Carl Rove would never give me a word like that.
    thanks – W

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