What ever happened to U.S.anti-trust laws, again?

In a deal that will have huge impacts on the web design and publishing industries, Adobe to buy Macromedia. How can two companies who pretty much control most of the design software industry merge. This basically means we are losing half our options. I want to think that this could be good – less but more powerful software to buy, etc. and I think it may work that way in the short-term, but the long term benefits of two companies competing against each other would (and has) benefit the consumer more.
GoLive meet Dreamweaver
Fireworks meet Photoshop
Freehand meet Illustrator
Encore meet Director
LiveMotion (R.I.P.) meet Flash
Innovation meet Stagnation
Choices meet Monopoly
Designers & Web Developers meet MacdobreMedia


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  1. Do we really need more versions of Photoshop and Illustrator? For most of us they’ve been feature complete for several years now.

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