Help a Snail Out

You all know that Jason now lives entirely off of Pay Pal donations. You may have also seen the Save Toby site where a guy ransoms the life of his bunny in exchange for Pay Pal donations. Well, this is totally different: Save Shelby / Smash Shelby: You decide.

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  1. Smash that little f’er.
    Here are some more ways you can do it:
    * Stick a firecracker in the shell
    * Drop the little shit from a 20 story building onto the street
    * Make a escargot shooter, drop it in the blender with some tequila
    * Feed it to your dog
    If you need any help carrying out the deed let me know —

  2. That’s really deplorable. It’s not quite as deplorable as the bunny, because it’s not as cute. But, still, it’s a pretty sick way to make some money.
    At best, it’s a bad joke. At worst, it’s extortion.
    Just my opinion,
    ps. feel free to be offended by my self-righteousness.

  3. Not sure but I bet you are eating meat again. Do you think that becuase you don’t do the killing that you are saved from the act of killing? How far removed does one have to be before the act is not deplorable? Should I ask someone else to ask someone else to make me a snail appetizer?
    Your type of self-rightousness is a brand I know well, as I have it all too often. Then I put on my leather shoes made by small children in the poorest countries in the world and continue to eat meat from a factory farm where the animals are treated in ways that turn my stomach. If I had to kill al the food I eat, fish and vegetables would be just about the only think in my diet – which would be much better for me I guess.
    But I guess indignation, like escargots, is best served in small portions.

  4. I do eat meat. I’ve eaten rabbit and snail, in fact. I’m not against killing animals for food, or even for other reasons as is fitting.
    I’m not against the killing so much as the fact that you might be hoping to make people feel bad about it and then to give you money. If you didn’t want the snail, you could let it go. Or, if that wasn’t a good option, you could kill the snail, that’d be fine. It’s the threat that I don’t like.
    The life of one snail probably isn’t that important. But, a lot of people would be really offended by your threat and callous behavior towards that snail’s life, and towards life in general. The auction could be seen as an effort to manipulate those people through their fear, which is kind of rude. It’s definitely disrespectful.
    That all said, I’m not too upset by it. I just don’t think it’s very tasteful. But, there are definitely bigger evils out there. And, I’m sure that I do my share of evil too.
    I just wanted to speak out with my 2 cents, or whatever. I think that if more people start to speak their minds about what they think is right, more people will listen. There are too many wrongs that continue because we allow them too. And, it’s too often that crazy people dominate things with their foolishness (ex. Red ink being banned in schools). We’ve got to start standing up for ourselves.
    How’s that for self-righteous? I even through in some conservatism. I might get banned from posting. Shoot.

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