SXSW Film Festival Recap

My SXSW 2005 Badge - man what a lame photo.
The highlight of the film festival this year was meeting Daniel Johnston after seeing the movie about his life: The Devil and Daniel Johnston.
Other movies I was able to catch were (in rank order of enjoyment):
1. The Aristocrats (ThinkFilms all Flash site)- this one will make the rounds. Don’t let yourself lag behind and not know what everyone is talking about.
2. Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic – more of a comedy set than a movie. It does include some skits where you are actually wishing it was just Sarah on stage again – where she is the funniest. I really like Sarah but I thought her part in The Aristocrats (see above) was her best work I saw this week.
3. Cowboy del Amor was a great documentary if for nothing else than the over the top persona of the cowboy himself, Ivan Thompson. You couldn’t help to be amused by Ivan while also feeling a bit sorry for him, chauvinist and all.
4. Palindromes by Todd Solondz – It is amazing what an audience will laugh at if their world is stripped of all that is good and right. I just don’t think I can watch anymore Solodz films. It is not that they aren’t well made, its just that they don’t make me feel good. Which is also ok if there is a big enough payoff. For me, there just isn’t – I just don’t know – they are just too uncomfortable. I am really opening myself up to be ripped here as I appreciate movies that aren’t like all the other Hollywood crap but Solondz’s films just don’t sit well with me. Palindromes was good if you look past some pretty poor acting by many of the child actors and an obvious gimmick to get people talking.
5. Animated shorts – I particularly liked: Learn Self Defense by Chris Harding, Binge and Purge by Ben MeinHardt, Awaken by Joey Ingram & Josh Mahan, Convenience by Ryan Kirkwood and my favorite Orpheus & the Underworld (the web has failed me in providing a link to this) by Nathan Jurevicius. The Meaning of Life by Don Hertzfeldt of Bittefilms was good but too long and a bit too abstract. I like much of his older works (like Rejected) better.

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  1. Don’t worry the Palindromes didn’t sit well with me either. Neither did his evasive behavior at the panel discussion before the film. And, I don’t really care if that makes me un-indie…And thanks, I’m glad you liked my film.

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