iTunes as a social ice breaker.

Last night at the airport I noticed Eric Meyer’s iTunes share (UPDATE: it turns out that it wasn’t THE Eric Meyer who I saw, didn’t see at the airport – I thought I would have recognized him) as I had my laptop open trying to get on the stupid MSP non-free wireless network. Anyway, this morning I am sitting in my hotel room, tying up some loose work ends, I noticed that there were several other iTunes shares showing up in iTunes. I got to thinking this might be a way to meet people so I put my email address in the share name and not more than a minute later I have an email from Kevin Lawver and learned of his plans this week.
I am going to replace my normal share name in iTunes with my email address and encourage you to do the same. Anyone out there who happens across my music to drop me a note if you are interested in getting together for a drink or whatnot. You already know if we share the same tastes in music so we will at least have that plus the conference to talk about. Now I have a reason to lug this giant laptop to the conference sessions. Too bad much of my music in iTunes is “ghosted” right now , residing on a lonely external hard drive back in Minneapolis.
Update: Can’t get a hold of me? Call my hotel room directly and leave a message: 512-493-3765.


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  1. While you might have seen an iTunes share with the name Eric Meyer on it, it wasn’t actually mine. I’m not leaving for Austin until tomorrow, and haven’t been near an airport in– well, not in the past week, anyway. But thanks for thinking of and linking to me!

  2. Cool idea! I wrote a few lines on my blog with a link back to yours.
    Patrick W. (Stockholm, Sweden)

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