SXSW Packing List

Going to SXSW is a bit like going to a high school reunion. You know everyone there, or at least have recollections of them, but you are hazy about which sites go with who and often, can’t quite place names with blogs …er faces. Unlike high school reunions, however, all the participants, at least at a basic level, have one interest in common: the internet(s).
Luckily that is one less thing I have to pack. The internet is already there (or so they tell me). Here is a list of other essentials I will be bringing:

  • Outgoing attitude – These things are most beneficial and rewarding if you bring along a willingness and eagerness to meet and interact with your peers. I am hoping to do a better job of this than in prior years.
  • Laptop – mostly for back at the hotel – not too much real-time blogging going to happen here, though who knows.
  • Camera – I bring this with everywhere so this isn’t really news. Plus maybe I can finally catch Matt and Jason making out.
  • Digital audio recorder – so I can remember what is said without taking so much time for notes. Plus the company that is sending me appreciates it. Doubles as an mp3 player.
  • Digital notebook/pen – we recently picked up a couple of this doohickeys at my company and they work pretty well. I can take notes on special paper with a really fine grid on it and then upload them to my computer. Now I can search my notes without flipping through page after page of notes.
  • Some DVD’s from Netflix. Mostly for the plane rides.
  • Alt Text t-shirts for folks who want one – just come find me and let me know.
  • Mobile phone – I will have this so that people can get a hold of me while I am in Austin – if you want the number just ask.
  • A couple books – for any downtime I might have, though between the conferences, movies, and social networking I am not sure how much downtime there will be.

Other than some clothes I think that covers it. To recap, if I see you don’t be alarmed if I say hi and if you see me please feel free to start chatting with me. See you there!

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