I, along with many of the folks whose sites I visit each week, am descending upon Austin, Texas for the love fest (now with 33% more love) that is SXSW. I am returning after a year hiatus with a renewed enthusiasm for the web, blogs, technology, and the future. I get the impression that many of this year’s participants are feeling this way too.
From Dave Nunez’s unofficial geek guide to getting over yourself at SxSW Interactive 2005:

Here’s how you can tell if you have not had the full SxSWi experience:

  • You find yourself back in your hotel room for the rest of the night right after the last panel of the day.
  • You haven’t shaken hands with people who look and act nothing like you
  • You haven’t had dinner with complete strangers.
  • You’ve stuck only to your clique of people that you see daily back at your hometown.
  • You haven’t attended the EFF / EFF-Austin / Creative Commons Party on Monday night (free drinks! free food! live music! delicious food! (I should know, I’m responsible for getting it))
  • You left Austin without fifty business cards of new contacts you expect to email at some point soon.
  • You left Austin without the intention of calling 3 new contacts to meet up within 2 weeks of getting home
  • You haven’t crashed every clique you see
  • You aren’t smiling and smiling BIG
  • You are talking more than listening,
  • You haven’t had a conversation or at least said “hi” to me, David Nunez.
  • You don’t have an orange, happy face sticker on your badge.

Amen. So here is my official welcome to anyone who wishes to come talk to me as well as my official apology for busting into your conversation to introduce myself. I am offering a special incentive to those who introduce themselves to me: a free Alt Text Tshirt*. Now I just gotta get me some of those stickers.
* While supplies last.

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