Keep on Leading in the Free World

ASSociated Press
With speculation rampant that Bono may assume leadership of the World Bank some other high profile musicians are also gathering interest as potential heads of other organizations. Here is a rundown:
In 2006, months before Secretary General Kofi Annan steps down, it is expected that Sting will be elected to head the United Nations. Sting’s background and his affinity for eastern philosophies have given him a leg up on other potential American candidates including Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and 50 Cent. When asked whether he believed his experience with The Police sets him apart as a candidate to lead the U.N Security Council, Sting replied “I have stood here before inside the pouring rain. With the world turning circles, running ’round my brain. I guess I always thought that you could end this reign. But it’s my destiny to be the king of pain.
Bush plans to appoint a new Fish and Wildlife Director later this month. Hoping to push his controversial forestry policies Bush claimed that only multi-platinum recording artist Usher is being considered. When reached for comment, Usher had only this to say “Let it burn, let it burn. Gotta let it burn.”
A heated debate has been ensuing in the past few weeks between supporters of Moby and those of Seal as to who may best lead the leading animal rights advocacy group, PETA. Those who support Moby point to his years of tireless environmental and vegan activism, while those who would have Seal selected point to his name and say “Duh!?.”

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