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  1. So, bought that first Mac yet?

  2. No. Not that I wouldn’t but I just have too much invested at this point in software and such to swithc.
    I was very close to getting a G4 Ti-book as my work computer, however in the end we decided that it was important to have the same enviorment as the development team (which also considered switching).
    I like their computers now – there anren’t many flaws. Pretty much the only thing holding them back now is their lack of game creator support.

  3. Dude! They have World of Warcraft, what else to you need?! 😉
    Seriously tho, WoW rocks hard, you should try it…unless you have an addictive personality, in which case stay far, far away!!

  4. Napolean dynamite is hillarious. Just hits on my style of humor 🙂

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