Flickr Free Photo Sharing via Picassa?

Why doesn’t Picasa w/Hello (from Google, sort of) work more like Flickr? (or perhaps Flickr is solely for the moblogger and not the traditional photo sharer) Is this in the works? Sure sharing photos easily with one or a couple other people has its place but if Picasa could publish photos to the web and network them for sharing purposes you would think that would be much more in line with the rest of Google’s offerings?

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  1. I’m kinda stuck between Picasa and Flickr myself. I discovered Picasa about two months before Google snapped it up, but find Flickr a much better match to my blog.
    I don’t think Flickr is solely for mobloggers, much the opposite but I do think Picasa/Google could learn a lot from the Flickr guys. Or, better still, team up with them!!

  2. I agree – Flickr “feels” like a better fit for me too but it too, is missing something.
    I won’t be suprised to see many moe inroads in photo sharing and web-based photo organization. Picassa seems like an ill-fit for Google.

  3. Ben is pretty.

  4. This won’t help you much, but I use .Text for my blog software and I’m creating an importer for Picasa (and other software) albums. It requires you export as web page (using the XML option), then zip up the index.xml and images folder. When you upload it to the blog, it creates (or uses) a gallery matching your Picasa album name and adds the photos with caption. With some time it would be great to make the code more generic for different blogs and different photo organization packages. See this entry for more info. Beta version to be released soon.

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