Howlin’ at the Moon

All the lip service that the announcers gave to Randy Moss’ display of…ahem…his posterior (albeit a pantomimed display) was ridiculous and I remember thinking that they were acting like bigger idiots than Moss. But the ensuing brouhaha over this event is mind-blowing. I cannot believe there are people like Howie Long (arguably one of the dirtiest players ever) saying that it just shows that “talent and class don’t always go together” and Michael Irvin who got busted for having a separate house he would go to snort coke and cavort with prostitutes. These people and in fact the entire NFL and even the networks are the definition of hypocrisy.
To decry the loss of class and integrity caused by someone pretending to moon a crowd (a crowd, by the way, which has a long-standing tradition of mooning the visiting team busses as they leave the stadium), while neglecting to mention that their networks air shows like Desperate Housewives,The Swan, and Who’s Your Daddy (not to mention all the cheerleader shots and beer ads) is contemptible.


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  1. The part that I like the most is that every team that visits lambo and looses, will get their bus mooned by the fans after the game. It was all an inside joke between the cheese-heads and Randy.
    Besides, I love how this fuels the Viking / Packer rivalry.
    Still, the fine seems a bit rediculous. Remember a couple years ago when Favre gave the Minnesota crowd the finger after the game? No one got fined there.

  2. He’s still a jackass, regardless.

  3. Posted by Travis on January 18, 2005 at 9:49 am

    Moss = Traded this offseason

  4. I wish that would be the case but only if we could get a couple 1st rounders or a pro-bowl quality defensive player and a couple early picks. I give the likelihood of Moss being traded at less than 15%

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