Easy on the Eyes

Many of you may know that I have started a new job this year, indeed a new twist in my career. Because my business cards now say designer on them I can finally enjoy all the perks those prima donnas have been wallowing in for all these years. One such perk is a fantastic workstation setup currently consisting of a Dell Inspiron 9200 laptop with a great 17″ screen with a wide aspect ratio (1920 x 1200 native resolution). It has wireless and Bluetooth built in, is fast as all get out, and even has a friggin’ subwoofer built-in! What better monitor to accompany this fine machine than a 23″ Apple Cinema Display with the same native resolution. If there is a better feeling in the world than looking at this screen all day, I don’t want to know it.


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  1. maybe if you set these images as your desktop wallpaper…

  2. Funny, I’ve been trying to get the word Designer off my cards for a while now.

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