Netflix Friends

A couple weeks ago I posted a suggestion for a Share with a Friend feature for Netflix. In addition to posting these thoughts here on Alt Text I sent a note to Netflix regarding it.
Today I received an email from Netflix inviting me to a sneak preview of their new “Friends” feature. Now it isn’t what I had in mind – as my idea focused on sharing a DVD with people who are not Netflix members.

You’ve been selected to participate in a special preview of our Friends feature that will give you a new way to discover great movies. You’ll be able to check out what your Friends think of a movie, exchange movie suggestions with your Friends, and leave your two cents worth on a movie for your Friends to read.

I don’t know how valuable this new service will be, it does show that Netflix is trying to improve their service all the time. I will be checking it out in the next few days and reporting on it here.

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